• Total Joint ReplacementArthritic or Damaged Joint is Removed and Replaced with a Prosthesis

  • Arthroscopic SurgeryThe most severe and complex problems of the joint

  • Fracture ManagementEarly treatment can protect athletes from further injury

  • Computer NavigationRecent advancement in joint replacement surgery

  • Dr. Dawsonis a fellowship-trained orthopaedic sports medicine and upper extremity specialist


Patient Testimonials

Dr. Dawson handled a tnicky rotator cuff tear and shoulder repair procedure for me, and he did an excellent job. I am approximately six months out fnom the surgery, and my shoulder is recovering nicely. Dr. Dawson's surgical expertise and excellent follow-up and advice made my recovery possible. He is a fine surgeon and a supen person. I highly recommend Dr. Dawson!

G Cruz

We live in Washington and was referred to Dr Dawson by a family member. It was worth the trip! Dr Dawson is a comprehensive physician, using state of the art facilities and technique. My husband had a knee replacement 8 years ago by a different physician and had a very tough recovery. Dr Dawson performed a knee replacement on his other knee recently at the Oregon Surgical Institute. The entire experience was wonderful. Knowledgeable staff, great communication before, during and after the surgery. He had half the pain and a much faster recovery. We feel very blessed to have found Dr Dawson, we would strongly recommend him and the Oregon Surgical Institute.

P B Wirges

Healing Status Update: March 20th, 2020 – 18 days from now, will be exactly 1 year since I had my 1st of 3 surgeries completed by Dr, Dawson. I have a scheduled follow up appointment this morning so that I may be released from his care, after undergoing surgery on December 6th, 2019 for a torn “Rotator Cuff” on my right shoulder.  I’m ecstatically happy and looking forward to hearing him say the words – “Now get out of my office and I never want to see you again!” (Unless maybe I’m truly in need of an orthopedic doctor – in which he’ll be there for me again.)

I’m quite happy to report that both knees are doing “Great!” I purchased a “Treadmill” (small under the desk model) and walk about 5-15 mile a week. I tell folks that I have gotten back 20 years of my life since I had my knees fully replaced. I remember how I physically felt at 45 – that’s how I feel today – pain free and quite mobile.

It will be 3 months since my shoulder surgery and I’ve got to admit – My shoulder is taking much longer to recuperate than my knees.  It’s a work in progress. I continue to visit my physical therapist Jessica Steele-Thornborrow at “Tigard Physical Therapy.”  While I’m off all the medications, I still have pain in my shoulder. I continue to use “Ice” and my “TENS” unit which helps with “Pain Management.”  I will continue to be patient, and keep positive about my healing process. It is still my responsibility to move forward and produce healthier life choices. Diligence in my exercise regiment will be the key to my success.

Once again - Thank you Dr. Dawson. I am forever grateful to you and your awesome Staff! 

R Carlos

“Thank God – I’m Alive,” was the first thought crossing my mind the moment I woke up from surgery on my right knee. My second thought was – “Thank God I didn’t screw up Linda’s (wife) trip to Ireland.” Next came – “Something… Something is different.” My whole body and mind spiked with “RELIEF & GRATITUDE.”

The Legacy Meridian Park Hospital Physical Therapist had me walking about 2 hours after. I knew then, my journey with full knee replacements was going to be a path to a healthier me.

I’ve been living with chronic knee pain for about 17 years. Over the course of 45 years I have had 3 knee surgeries – torn left meniscus, right meniscus, and my left ACL with 3 different surgeons.

Closing in towards the age of 65, I was determined to make 2019 a healthier year. January 2nd, I committed myself to work on strengthening my legs for management of pain, climbing stairs, and walking better. 3 days into my workout, I blew out both knees. The next 72 hours had me bedridden and miserable because of pain. I knew this time my knees, had finally quit on me and would not recover without medical intervention.

Deciding to have my knees examined by a professional in medicine was the smart and necessary move. I started with “Legacy Urgent Care” and three recommendations later, placed me in Dr. Dawson’s office. I found my first visit with him quite interesting and a gamer changer. It was short, informative, and to the point. On review of my X-rays and MRI – he said: “Your right knee is ugly! and your left knee is right behind it.” While I found his professional diagnosis humorous, I suspected he was right on the money (with arthritis, bone spurs, and no cartilage to cushion “bone on bone” with my every step). Dr. Dawson explained the process & procedure so I could understand clearly what I was to undertake. Let’s get this done now, I pleaded – the sooner the better.

Prep work needed to be completed before my surgery (Lower my blood pressure, increase my blood count, CT scan, EKG reading, and complete a 2.5 hour “Total Joint Replacement Class”).


  • March 20th 1st surgery on my right knee.
  • May 29th 2nd surgery on my left knee.

It is now September 8th, 2019 – Six and three months respectively have passed since I first went under the knife… and I am “FEELING GREAT!” While I experience leg muscle soreness (because of my exercise workouts) I am fully “Pain-Free.” I’ve been off the pain medications for the past 6 weeks but grateful for the cocktail regiment Dr. Dawson prescribed during my rehab. Writing down every single dose I took, helped with my pain management and eventually getting off the pain meds.

Additional forms of “pain management”:

  • Icing my knees & ankles (I made ice my Friend),
  • Hand massager, and a
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit

Here are some Insights and take-a-ways gained from this past 9 months:

“Pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice.” I chose to work towards a “Better Quality of Life.” It took a host of Healthcare providers to make this goal possible. Ultimately Dr. Dawson with his surgical team replaced both knees – They did their part extremely well and now it’s my turn.

Just because I have brand new parts doesn’t mean I can just relax and veg-out on the couch. My part of having a higher quality of life is to work at building stronger legs for greater mobility. It has taken diligence, determination, and discipline to exercise religiously regardless if I wanted to or not. The pain of recovery was better than the chronic pain I had tolerated and lived with for so long. With the help of “Tigard Physical Therapy” I managed to push through the pain of exercising my once dormant leg muscles. Understanding my choice to show up and do the work necessary for my recovery was vital. If I neglect my responsibility, then Dr. Dawson’s and his teams’ work would have been needlessly negated. I am determined to not let that happen. My part in this relationship will take much longer… from now on… every day, I need to be mindful of exercise and the benefits I will receive – This will honor and respect the work Dr. Dawson did.

I can’t truly thank them enough - Dr. Dawson… his staff – Jessica, Theresa, Yvette, and Matt for all their care, kindness, and professionalism.

I highly and emphatically recommend Dr. Dawson and his crew for all of your orthopedic concerns.

C Rodriquez

Dr. Dawson and his staff are awesome! I had my right knee replaced in February, and knew almost immediately that I wanted him to take care of my left knee as soon as possible. I waited until October, and despite him trying to manage my expectations by warning me that my second recovery might not go as easy, it has been just as successful. My arthritis doctor tried to get me to wait before having surgery because of my age (only 53), but Dr. Dawson understood the importance of improving my quality of life. When I first met with him, he asked why I wanted to have the surgery, and I told him I wanted to be able to chase my grandkids. Now I'm working towards catching them!

Thank you Dr. Dawson, from me and my family!

S Costley

Dear Dr. Dawson,

Thank you for giving me my old life back! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the knee surgery you performed. It has been totally amazing! It has not even been 3 months and I am walking 3 miles every other day...with up and downs.... and climbing 100 steps up and 100 steps down. I have no pain. I wish my other knee, that is over a year old, felt this good. There is no grinding or clicking and I walk smoothly without hesitation. It is the strong knee! Actually, when we left for California it was only a little over the month after surgery and I felt as good then as I do today. Totally amazing!

I used to be a marathon walker, hiker, etc. and the last years I have not been able to do any of the things I enjoy this way. After the pain I went through with the first knee...months sleeping on a recliner and real, continuous pain for 4 months; as well as the clicking and grinding, etc., I was scared to death to have this knee done. But I knew that not only my quality of life was diminished but my overall health was being affected by not being able to exercise so I "bit the bullet" and saw you. Never, even on my worse days after your surgery, did I have the kind of pain I did with the first knee. If not for the first couple days with the allergic reaction, I would say I had no pain, only discomfort. I had full flexion and extension almost immediately.

I am 75 but feel 40 again. I cannot tell you the times I have thanked God for you and will always be grateful.

Even beyond that, I am grateful for your fantastic support staff who are not only extremely efficient, they were caring and so compassionate! Compassion goes such a long way in facilitating healing. With all of the personalized care, I never felt I was part of a "knee-replacement-mill." I appreciated Dr. Tongue in your absence with his thorough and very kind caring. I felt totally confident and covered. This was the most excellent medical experience I've had...and in 75 years trust me, I have had many. You and your office cover all the basis...competence, compassion, care and efficiency both in person and on the telephone. Calls were returned and all needs promptly addressed with the kind of care seldom felt in this day where insurance so often dictates care and ties the hands of good physicians like you.

I thank you all. See you in May.
M Thom

Dr. Dawson replaced both knees for me. I had discomfort over 5-6 years and even tried braces for almost 2 years. I had some relief to start, and then the pain became worse. I had consults with several doctors, of whom I did not like. While looking for a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, I found Dr. Patrick Dawson in Tualatin. Instead of using a gig for surgery, he used laser beam alignment technique. After my first knee, I was up walking in 2 weeks with the aid of a cane. I then waited 3 months for the second knee to be replaced. In between surgeries I joined a gym working out every day, in addition to physical therapy. In about 3-4 days I felt strong with a cane. The most difficult time was stairs, but every day I would walk stairs, and improved in a couple weeks’ time. Two months later and after my final post-op exam, I went hunting and hiking trails In Idaho. I felt great, and figure I had about 90% motion back. Great time, THANKS DR DAWSON...

W Sjuille

Dr. Dawson and his colleagues are awesome! My family and I have been treated by Dr. Dawson for several different orthopedic needs. He is very professional and yet makes you feel as if he has known you for years. He does a great job of presenting the facts in an easy to understand way and is very honest and open about options for treatment, the costs involved and openly offers his opinions regarding which options he would consider and why.

My family and I will always go to Dr. Dawson for our orthopedic needs!

P Watts

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